Comments on Betelgeuse explosion in 2012


In a series of conference presentations [1-2] and articles [3-8] we have shown capabilities of the giant neutrino detectors to receive neutrino signal before supernova at distance of 1 kpc (3260 light years ). Depending on type of the star, and detection channel (neutrino or antineutrino), few hour or even 2 day warning could be issued.

For Betelgeuse, which is 10 times closer , the neutrino signal is expected to be hundred fold stronger . In near future, the new generation of giant neutrino detectors will be able to monitor pre-supernova Betelgeuse for weeks before core-collapse. Some of the mentioned neutrino detectors are under construction now. One example is provided by so-called far detector required for the Long Baseline Neutrino Experiment in the USA.

Supernova Betelgeuse is in fact beyond scope of our interest due to negligible probability of explosion during next 100 years. Conditional probability is a different thing. IF it is about to explode in 2012, we should know it few weeks before.

Dr M. Misiaszek, Neutrino Physicists, expert in low background neutrino detectors
Dr A. Odrzywolek, Supernova Astrophysicist, expert in pre-supernova neutrinos
Jagiellonian University, Cracov, Poland

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